In the rapidly evolving world of technical documentation, HelpNDoc has consistently proven to be a fantastic companion for writers aiming to simplify the creation and management of complex help files, manuals, and eBooks. With the release of HelpNDoc 9.2, the bar is set even higher, introducing cutting-edge features that seamlessly integrate the latest advancements in artificial intelligence.
HelpNDoc 9.2 represents a significant leap forward, designed to enhance user experience and productivity in technical writing. Among the most exciting additions is the AI Assistant, a powerful tool similar to ChatGPT and fully integrated in HelpNDoc. This feature promises to revolutionize how technical content is crafted, offering intuitive, context-aware assistance that goes beyond mere text editing to include content creation, revision, optimization, and even translation.
Whether you are a seasoned technical writer or new to the field, HelpNDoc 9.2 will transform the way you engage with your writing projects, making it an essential tool for anyone involved in documentation and publishing. Read more…

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