In the realm of technical writing, having robust, efficient, and user-friendly tools at our disposal is paramount. That’s where HelpNDoc shines. As a remarkable help authoring tool, it makes the intricate process of documentation more streamlined and effective. Staying true to our commitment to continuous improvement, we’re thrilled to present the latest version of HelpNDoc – Version 8.7. It’s not just about adding new functionalities; we have also dedicated efforts to enhance the user experience by rectifying issues and optimizing overall performance.
HelpNDoc 8.7 is packed with powerful features that redefine the way technical writers manage their documentation. The new version significantly enhances the process of importing folders and sub-folders by recreating the folder hierarchy in the project’s table of contents. Alongside, we’ve introduced advanced template overrides, offering an exceptional level of customization to meet your diverse documentation needs and much more.
In the sections to follow, we’ll walk you through these exciting updates and delve into how they empower technical writers to create and manage documentation more efficiently. But first, if you haven’t used HelpNDoc before or haven’t updated yet, we encourage you to download the free personal edition to try out the software and experience these new features for yourself. Read more…

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